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Summer’s Here and It’s All About Air Conditioning: How it Works

Air ConditioningThe main function of an air conditioning system is to produce cool ventilation. The process for producing this chilled air results in cold air indoors while releasing hot air outside. This is the main function of the refrigerant. The air conditioning system is composed of several mechanical components: blower, chemical refrigerant, condenser, compressor and evaporator coil. The compressor acts as the “heart” as it pumps to let the refrigerant flow into the system and it draws in low-pressure and low-temperature. When the gas is compressed, the refrigerants’ temperature and pressure are raised, and automatically flows into the condenser coil. The most relevant task in maintaining good performance of an air conditioning system is to maintain clean air conditioner filters. Dirty filters will tend to block the normal air flow caused by clogged dirt thus reducing the system’s efficiency. Air filters should be replaced regularly to avoid future problems. The most commonly used air conditioning systems are split system, fixed unit type, and duct-type. In turn, we’ll talk about each of these systems below:

A duct-type air conditioner can be installed in any home whether it is old or new, as long as there is enough ceiling space.  The two components of a ducted system are a compressor unit (situated outside the home or building), and the indoor unit that is located inside the ceiling area. Air distribution passes through vents throughout the interior of the house or building. The air condition can be divided into two zones at the same time in different areas. As such, one zone can provide heated air in locations such as the living room while the other can make a cooled zone in the bedrooms.

Fixed air conditioners are traditionally mounted on the wall or windows in each room. Multiple units are usually installed individually according to their size and the area to be cooled.

The split air conditioning system is composed of two sections connected to refrigerant piping, one of which is located inside and the other one outside the home. There are portable air conditioning systems with indoor and outdoor segments that are connected to a hose through an open outlet or window. The good thing is that it can be transferred from one room to another as the need arises. The split system can either be mounted on the wall or just simply on the floor. This is usually done when wall mounting is not possible. The advantage of the split system is that it can be made available in reverse cycle or for cooling purposes only with a power ranging from 2kW – 8kW. Small and medium areas can be installed with 2kW-5kW air conditioners while the larger areas could use 5kW-kW power range.

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