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Benefits to Heating Oil

The Steinert Company wants to share with you facts about oil heat to help you make the most informed decision on heating your home. There are many reasons why heating oil may be a better decision than converting to another fuel source.

Heating Oil is Less Expensive than Natural Gas

  • Historically, heating oil has been the primary, most cost-effective heat source in Cumberland County, Maine
  • Currently, the price of heating oil is more than 20% less expensive than its equivalent in natural gas

Heating Oil is Dependable

  • You have complete control over your personal supply, choosing how much to use and conserve your supply as you need it
  • The Steinert Company delivers oil to your home as soon as you need it and by signing up for our Automatic Delivery Plan, you can insure against ever going cold
  • Our location and technicians are local so you can enjoy the very best in customer service

Heating Oil is Safe

  • Heating oil is non-explosive and ignites only by an advanced burning system within your oil-burner or furnace
  • Unlike gas, there is a low possibility of carbon monoxide entering the home from oil
  • Unlike gas, when there is an issue with your oil heating system, the warning signs are clear, including smoke, odor, or soot

Heating Oil is Environmentally Friendly

  • Over the past two decades, the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced by over 93%
  • Oil burner emissions have been reduced to near zero levels
  • New oil heat systems create no soot or odors when properly maintained

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