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Boiler Repairs & Installations in Greater Portland, Maine & Cumberland County,  Maine

Boiler repairs and installations for Greater Portland Maine

When it comes to boiler repairs and installation in Cumberland County, Maine, you should never attempt these by yourself due to an elevated risk of danger. Also, you could end up spending more money due to botched attempts to fix your boiler unit. Boilers are constructed with a complex ignition systems or natural gas for them to operate correctly. If any of these complex parts are improperly serviced, they can cause a fatal explosion along with other types of environmental hazards. This is why our heating contractors are required to have many years of education and training.

We specialize in the installation of the Buderus GB125BE which is a condensing oil boiler system at its best. It is a cast iron boiler that offers new advances in heating technology. It is an advanced, low emission, high efficiency oil burner. The Buderus GB125BE is also eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Our Greater Portland, Maine Boiler Services

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Why You Should Hire Us for Boiler Services

Our trained and qualified team of experts have years of experience when it comes to properly servicing boilers, furnaces, heating systems, ac units and plumbing. We approach every job with hard work, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Our professional Portland plumbers and heating techs will work with you to design a heating system that will meet all of your needs.

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If you are looking for plumbing, heating, air conditioning or fuel oil delivery service at your Greater Portland, Maine and Cumberland County, Maine area home, then please call 207.892.5683 or complete our online request form.