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Oil & Gas Burners for Your Greater Portland,  Maine Area Home

Oil Burners in Greater Portland Maine

Oil burners utilize fuel oil to burn and generate heat for your Cumberland County, Maine home. The oil then is atomized through a high pressure nozzle which is then ignited by an electric spark as the air is goes through an electric fan. Oil burners should be used in well ventilated areas of the home. Your oil burner should also have regular maintenance to make sure that it operates at high efficiency in order to prevent odors and other by products. Home owners should also be aware to use the correct type of fuel in their oil burner since certain burners can only accept certain types of fuels. The wrong fuel could clog up the nozzle which can lead to oil burner repairs or replacements.

Our Greater Portland, Maine Oil & Gas Burner Services

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Why You Should Hire Us for Oil & Gas Burner Services

For over 26 years, The Steinert Company has been servicing Greater Portland, Maine area residents with quality plumbing, heating and fuel oil delivery. Our Greater Portland, Maine plumbers and heating contractors make sure that each customer’s needs are met in a timely, efficient, and affordable manner. All of our service vehicles and oil trucks are fully stocked and are available to provide you with 24/7 service whenever you need it.

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