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Payment Options

The Steinert Company has many payment options to choose from. We can keep your credit card number on file or provide a budget payment plan. If you choose to pay cash, we offer a discount. You can also pre-pay, choosing from a standard plan or one with downside protection for fluctuating prices.

Automatic Delivery Plan

automatic-deliveryThe advantage of signing up for our Automatic Delivery plan is that you don’t have the pressure of scheduling a fill-up every time you need fuel. We know you need fuel before you do and promptly deliver it without you ever needing to call. Automatic Delivery Plan customers receive free membership to the Gold Star Comfort Club.


Budget Program

budget-programFor most customers, a large percentage of their heating expenses are incurred during the months of December, January, and February. However, paying for all those deliveries in a few short months can be tough on the budget. With our Budget Program, customers spread their annual heating oil costs over the year and gain the freedom of knowing exactly what to expect. The advantage of our program is that you:

  • Pay 10, 11 or 12 low monthly payments – you decide
  • Safe/dependable delivery service
  • Low cash price with applicable discounts

Gold Star Comfort Club

Regardless of your payment plan, purchasing all of your fuel from The Steinert Company automatically enters you in our Gold Star Comfort Club. The Gold Star Comfort Club offers you: gold-star

  • Priority emergency service
  • Priority oil delivery service
  • Personal service from local people
  • Preferred customer pricing on plumbing repairs
  • Preferred customer pricing on heating repairs
  • Preferred customer pricing on service agreements
  • Money saving specials throughout the year

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If you are looking for plumbing, heating, air conditioning or fuel oil delivery service at your Greater Portland, Maine and Cumberland County, Maine area home, then please call 207.892.5683 or complete our online request form.